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In addition to operating as a time to remember those killed or seriously injured on our roads, National Road Victim Month also functions as a time to spread awareness regarding road safety.

Today, the issue of using a phone whilst driving has been widely debated and discussed across both the news and social media. This comes as the Commons Transport Select Committee reported that using a hands-free device creates “the same risks of collision” as using a handheld phone, the latter of which became illegal in 2003.The committee also reported that mobile phone usage whilst driving contributed to 773 casualties in 2017 across Britain, and 43 of these causalities resulted in fatality.

This alarming rate of serious injuries and fatalities highlights the importance of avoiding distraction when driving. The aftermath of a serious collision has a wide ranging impact, affecting the victim, those close to them, as well as anyone who witnessed.

In order to avoid an increase in the above statistics, it is necessary for road users to avoid using anything that can create a distraction. A public consultation on the proposal to ban the use of hands-free devices whilst driving is scheduled to be published by the end of 2019.

Where a tragic collision has sadly occurred as a result of a negligent driver, we at Ramsdens support victims and families in a compassionate manner. We offer advice on a negligence claim for the victim, as well as explore potential nervous shock claims for those who have unfortunately witnessed a direct relative be seriously injured or killed.

As Road Traffic Solicitors’ we sadly see too many road deaths and serious injuries caused by reckless and dangerous driving and distraction continuing to be one of the leading causes of crashes for teen drivers.

Ramsdens are proud to continue to support National Road Victim Month. To discuss any issues surrounding this please contact our specialist team for a free and confidential discussion on 0113 887 1834. Alternatively, fill out an online enquiry form and we will be in touch at a time suitable to you.