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1.8 million people in England and Wales have said that they have been a victim of domestic violence

651,000 male victims of domestic violence

1.2 million female victims of domestic violence

79% of victims did not contact the Police

100,930 domestic violence cases resulted in prosecution.

Before becoming Prime Minister, Theresa May introduced Domestic Violence Protection Orders and a new offence for coercive and controlling behaviour showing a big shift in the recognition of how serious domestic violence is.

Domestic violence prosecutions are on the rise and Theresa May has stated that "no stone will be left unturned in delivering a system that increases convictions, and works better for victims". This is of course a welcomed update for domestic violence sufferers as it is important that perpetrators are brought to justice and the violence against the victims stops.

As well as options in the criminal courts victims have various options available to them in the civil courts. Ramsdens Solicitors can help clients that require emergency protection in the form of a Non-Molestation Order that prevents them from coming to any further immediate harm. It also excludes a perpetrator from a certain area of their property providing safety and protection at home.

As well as immediate help and advice Ramsdens Solicitors can help with all of your legal needs surrounding domestic violence. Call our family helpline today on 08000 147720 to book a free consultation at one of our 12 offices in West Yorkshire. We also have access to a wide range of organisations that offer support and help for victims of domestic violence so that you can be assured we will do all we can to get you the help that you need.