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A recent article in the Independent stated that Police forces have been accused of failing to punish perpetrators of domestic abuse, with new data revealing that charges plummeted by more than 10 per cent in just one year, even as the number of alleged incidents rose.

This is of course a concern as recently it has seemed as though more is been done to help victims and bring perpetrators to justice.

Whilst the Police may not be taking action if domestic violence is reported, there are other options for victims. At Ramsdens we would always encourage reporting incidents to the Police, if you feel comfortable in doing so however, we can also advise you as to your legal options if you have suffered domestic violence.

There is the option of obtaining a Non-Molestation Order for your immediate protection if there have been recent incidents of domestic violence. Domestic violence does not always have to be physical, it can include threats, verbal abuse, financial abuse and emotional abuse. If a Non-Molestation Order is granted by the Court this prevents the perpetrator from communicating with you, intimidating, pestering or harassing as well as threatening and using abusive language towards you. Legal Aid is also available for people on certain benefits or a low income.

At Ramsdens, we specialise in offering help and advice to victims of domestic violence. We deal with matters in a sensitive but professional way to provide the help that you really need.

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