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Is it your view that all Family Solicitors are “hard wired” to operate competitively and aggressively with little attention being paid to what clients actually want and their shared concerns about any children now and in the future?

Hopefully that is far from reality but it is often the perception. If you want to ensure you have an amicable and civilized separation but with a fair and appropriate outcome Collaborative Family Law may be the best way for you, your spouse and the whole family.

For the majority of people encountering separation and divorce it is a difficult process.How can it be made less stressful and therefore less painful for all concerned?

A trained Collaborative Divorce Lawyer is not only an experienced Family Lawyer but also an individual who has undergone additional training in order to practice as a Collaborative Lawyer.The aim of Collaborative Family Law is to achieve a settlement that is reasonable for both parties without resorting to Court proceedings.

The Collaborative process also recognises that where there are children involved both parents will need to co-parent their children not only whilst they are at school but for the rest of their lives.If a relationship, at least in so far as those children are concerned, can be maintained and indeed perhaps repaired rather than destroyed this has to be for the benefit of all.It is accepted that relationships and marriages do break down but any process which keeps the impact upon the family to a minimum and allows parents to keep talking must be worth consideration.

Collaborative Family Law is a specific process where each party has their own Lawyer but instead of negotiation taking place at “arm’s length” by letter or indeed in a Court room, discussions take place in round table or “four way meetings”.You are both present in those meetings together with your respective Lawyers and by working together, with professional and expert legal assistance, you can reach an outcome which bests suits your own needs and those of the family.

The expense and inevitable trauma involved with Court proceedings is avoided and most significantly you can be creative in working out the best solutions around a table by listening to one another and being constructive rather than negative.

It is not, of course, the way forward for everyone and at Ramsdens we offer all options and solutions upon relationship breakdown including going to Court if this is necessary.However, collaboration is an increasingly popular option for individuals separating (whether married or living together) and enables you to make decisions for yourselves with help and advice from your Collaborative Lawyers.

To discuss Collaborative Law please call our family helpline on 08000 147720, send us an email or text LAW to 67777 to book a free information session at any of our offices. We also offer early morning and late evening appointments across our offices.