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Figures have recently been released by the charity, 'Inquest', showing a huge disparity between funding for the state and individual families to attend inquests. In 2017 the Ministry of Justice funded £4.2 million worth of legal representation for the prison and probation service but only £92,000 was received by grieving families through the ‘exceptional circumstances’ element of legal aid.

'Inquest' have launched their ‘Now or Never! Legal Aid for Inquests’ campaign in an attempt to level the playing field for funding for legal representation where state deaths are concerned. They are now urging the government to reconsider their decision on the funding position.

Grieving families do not have automatic access to funding when a death involves the state, nor if the death does not involve the state, meaning families often have to attend the inquests alone and without any guidance while the state have legal representation and support throughout the whole process. Inquests campaign is to encourage and work towards automatic, non means tested funding for legal representation for families. Going through the Inquest process can be complex and daunting for individuals having to approach this alone with no financial or legal support at a time when they are vulnerable and grieving.

Ramsdens Solicitors specialise in Inquest work and have a team who are experienced in guiding families through the process. We have represented individuals who have lost a loved one through a work accident, road traffic accident and through potential NHS failings.

Ramsdens Solicitors aim to support you from the beginning and take away the strain and worry of dealing with an Inquest alone. We will communicate with the Coroner and Coroners officers and make the appropriate representations at the Inquest ensuring you are supported every step of the way.

If you require advice about an ongoing inquest, contact our inquest solicitors for support on 0113 887 1834 or text LAW to 67777. Alternatively, you can make an enquiry using our online enquiry form and we will be in touch when it is convenient for you.