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The only thing more stressful than buying a house is getting divorced. That’s according to a survey last year by Which? Mortgage Advisers, which found that seven out of ten described it as a nerve wracking experience.

However, by keeping organised, you can make the process much more straightforward.

Keep your documents in one place

There is a lot of paperwork that accompanies a property transaction, from the mortgage documentation to the various searches you need to carry out with Land Registry. It’s a really good idea to keep all of those documents in one place, for example in a binder - that way if any issues arise or you need to check something quickly, you’ll know exactly where to find them.

Write everything down

It can be really useful to make a note of each conversation with the various people you deal with in the transaction, and write down exactly what is due when.

For example, you might have a section in your binder devoted to correspondence with your solicitor. If they tell you that a number of searches are due on a certain day, then note that down. You can then chase them up if you don’t hear from them on that day.

Keep a calendar

In fact, why not use a calendar, so that you can keep track of what needs to happen on each day?

You could do this all digitally if you prefer.

Book a removals firm early

If you are going to be using a removals firm, then it’s important you book them up nice and early. That means you can focus on everything else.

Make an inventory

It can be really useful to make an inventory of your various possessions, so that you ensure that none of your items go missing during the move.

Don’t panic about delays...

Inevitably, things won’t go entirely to plan. If you’re part of a large chain, then it’s very easy for issues further up the chain to translate into delays for your purchase. For example, while some local authorities will complete searches within a couple of days, others may take much longer.

It can be very easy to let delays get under your skin, but don’t panic. Delays are perfectly normal!

…but feel free to chase things up

That said, don’t worry about calling up your estate agent or solicitor for regular updates on how things are progressing. A regular catch up every couple of days can go a long way, keeping you on top of what’s happening.

Be flexible

Even if you are the most organised person around, a house purchase can throw all sorts of unexpected hurdles your way. It’s important to be flexible and keep calm.

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