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Let's start by saying instructing a local firm to act on your behalf when buying or selling your home is definitely not essential. In fact, at Ramsdens we assist clients in buying and selling property all over the country with the same level of service for both local and long distance clients. However, for some, the convenience and importance of being involved throughout makes instructing a local firm an easier choice. Read our top five of the numerous benefits of using a local firm rather than an online or distance conveyancer from our Head of Conveyancing, Karen James.

1.There's nothing like being able to speak to someone face to face. Even if your solicitor is busy when you call in, our receptionists and support staff will be able to assist, copy documents, witness signatures and provide updates where needed.

2.Inevitably, during some transactions unavoidable complications will arise. Whether it be an issue with rights of access over an intervening strip of land or an unforeseen boundary discrepancy, anyone who has experienced these problems and used a local conveyancer will be able to tell you that being able to sit down and look at the relevant plans or deeds and discuss them together in detail will put your mind at rest and avoid any unnecessary delays.

3.Often original or ‘certified copy’ identification documents are required. Using a local office means you can easily pop in with your original ID and have it copied and certified while you wait, meaning there is no need to visit your bank to get documents certified and avoiding the hassle and risk of sending originals through the post.

4.Beyond conveyancing, local firms like Ramsdens often offer many other services for individuals, for example, whilst buying a property, you may realise it’s time to make or update your will, or you may need advice around Landlord requirements when purchasing a buy-to-let. Your conveyancer will be able to put you in touch with the right solicitor in the right department who will be able to assist, all with the convenience of having your legal matters dealt with by the same firm.

5.“But online firms have the benefit of online software and case tracking systems”… so do we! With Ramsdens Solicitors you can keep track of your case 24/7 with our interactive e-conveyancing service. You can even download and upload documents to our client portal, saving even more time.

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