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A petition to conduct a full-body scan prior to giving cancer patients the ‘all clear’ has reached 150,000 signatures. The campaign, launched by cancer patient Gemma Sisson-Moore from Leeds and since carried on by her family members following her passing, aims to change the current NHS practice of scanning only the previously affected area before giving patients the ‘all clear’. This neglect to conduct a full-body scan can result in a failure to identify - and treat - secondary cancers.

Whilst a full-body scan will not alter the outcome of incurable cancer, Ms Sisson-Moore’s family strongly believe that it could improve and prolong a sufferer’s life. The scale of anecdotal evidence in response to the petition highlights how regularly secondary cancer is overlooked, and the resultant positive impact mandatory full-body scans could achieve.

Current NHS practice cites funding restrictions and harmful side effects as justifications for the lack of full-body scans. Further, as suggested by the Department of Health and Social Care, there is no guarantee that a full-body scan would identify microscopic cancer cells in other areas of the body. Whilst the Government continue to insist that cancer diagnosis and treatment remains a top priority, the current Covid-19 pandemic is likely to shift further NHS resources away from the provision of full-body scans.

Regardless of whether the petition instigates a policy change, Ms Sisson-Moore’s family will continue, in her memory, to spread awareness and encourage discussions of struggles echoed by families all over the UK.

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