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A new report published by the Care quality Commission has found that over 500 people have had their human rights breached as a result of healthcare workers failing to make the proper considerations required to make the orders.

DNR, or less commonly known by the full acronym DNACPR (do not attempt to cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is a legal process in which medical staff make the decision not to attempt to resuscitate patients suffering cardiac arrest so as to alleviate any suffering associated with the treatment. In these tragic situations doctors are forced to make a ‘benefit v burden’ decision as to whether the burden of resuscitation outweighs the benefit of keeping the patient alive.

Many patients will lack the capacity to make this decision for themselves and therefore families and carers are often involved in the decision making process. The CQC report however indicates that throughout the course of the current Coronavirus pandemic many families have been left unaware that the decision was to be made.

They account the failure to an “unprecedented pressure” on the healthcare system and “rapidly developing guidelines” that are misinterpreted. But the CQC are also accounting the failure to ‘blanket decisions’ being made too readily on people from particular groups like those with learning difficulties for example.

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