The Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) annual report has found, shockingly, that more than 10 per cent of young women aged between 16-19 have experienced domestic abuse in the past year. They were also identified to be the age group most likely to become a victims of domestic abuse.

The report also found women in their early twenties and again, in their early forties become vulnerable and susceptible to domestic abuse.

Additionally, approximately 7% of young men (still in their teen years) have experienced domestic abuse.

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse is an umbrella term for all forms of unacceptable behaviours in a relationship. This can include verbal abuse, threats, physical violence and sexual assault.
Abuse can occur in the family setting although the abuse is most commonly from a partner.

The statistics from the ONS once again highlight the prevalence of domestic abuse and violence in our society. We only hope that the government will recognise and make the changes necessary to ensure that all victims of such abuse are afforded the necessary protection and support.

At Ramsdens, we offer free confidential legal advice to victims of domestic violence. We can provide you with an explanation of all of your legal options and support you throughout. We deal with all matters efficiently and professionally so that you can be assured you are receiving the very best advice tailored to suit you.

We understand that it takes courage to approach a Solicitor and seek help and advice. We have access to a number of domestic violence support agencies so that you can obtain all of the possible help that you require.

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