On International Women’s Day, the Prime Minister announced, that funds of £20m would be made available to organisations tackling domestic violence and abuse. The government quite rightly described it as a ‘key priority’ and the Prime Minister said that it was of ‘personal importance’ to her.

Recently it was announced that victims of domestic violence should not be cross-examined by their perpetrator in Court proceedings. This can occur in civil proceedings if a Non-Molestation Order is obtained and the Respondent contests it but does not have a Solicitor or Barrister to represent them. This can of course be extremely upsetting and distressing for a vulnerable victim of domestic violence. Arguably, it allows the perpetrator to continue to assert control of the victim and it makes the experience extremely difficult and daunting for them.

It seems that the Prime Minister recognises this and the need for an increase in funding so that victims can access all help available to them and start to move forward for a better way of life without the perpetrator of the violence.

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We understand that it takes courage to approach a Solicitor and seek help and advice. We have access to a number of domestic violence support agencies so that you can obtain all of the possible help that you require.

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