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In the unprecedented times in which we find ourselves we must spare a thought for those residing and working in residential care.

At the start of the Covid -9 outbreak, most residential homes appeared to put measures in place to try and prevent the spread of infection.Visitors were prevented from entering premises and some carers made the difficult decision to reside in the residential homes temporarily, leaving their own families behind.

It is becoming more apparent in recent days that residential care has been significantly affected.

There is press coverage confirming that the daily figures provided by the Government only include figures for those who have died in hospital, and does not include figures from residential and community deaths.

One care home in Luton has confirmed this week that they have had 17 deaths, another in Sunderland 13, these are figures which are not being fully reported and which will have a significant impact on the actual effect on the country of Covid-19.

There is an obvious lack of protective equipment available for carers.In addition, there is frequently insufficient care available to the residents due to carers being absent.This raises a question as to whether residents are receiving the level of care which is required and necessary for current conditions. Could anything more be done to protect some of the most vulnerable members of our society?

We await further update and announcements from the Government with regard to Covid-19 and the impact and protection being offered to those in residential settings.


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