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Often, redundancy is an unfortunate necessity in the world of work, however you are protected if you were made redundant unfairly.

Redundancy affects most of us at one point or another, even more so in the current economic climate with more and more businesses losing money, downsizing and cutting staff. As difficult as being made redundant is, there are times when it is done unfairly, in which case you could have a case for unfair dismissal.


You have certain entitlements if you’re being made redundant, which could include:

  • Redundancy pay
  • Time off to look for work
  • A reasonable notice period
  • Options to move jobs, change role or adapt hours or pay
  • A discussion with your employer

Employees can be made redundant due to lack of skills, no purpose for the role, a new reliance on technology or due to financial circumstances; but when redundancy is made on the grounds of age, gender or disability it is best to speak to a solicitor to discuss your options after an unfair dismissal. Speaking to a solicitor can help you to decipher your redundancy rights.


Whether you would like to discuss redundancies in your place of work as a safety measure, or if you have already been made redundant and you believe it was unfair, call Ramsdens Solicitors for help and advice. Get in touch by calling 01484 821 500,email us at or use our contact form to the right to speak to one of our employment specialists today.