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We deal with all aspects of corporate insolvency including voluntary arrangements, administrations and liquidations of companies and partnerships.

We primarily act for insolvency practitioners as well as businesses, their shareholders and directors.


Formal insolvency is always the last resort. If problems are addressed early enough we can assist in restructuring an under performing business to preserve a profitable enterprise.

We work closely with our corporate, property and employment teams to deliver effective restructuring solutions where possible.


We have extensive experience in carrying out investigations on behalf of insolvency practitioners and creditors into transactions entered into by companies and individuals prior to entering an insolvency procedure.

Such investigations include claims relating to misfeasance, wrongful trading, transactions at an undervalue, preferences, payment of excessive dividends and recovery of outstanding directors loans. We progress claims as swiftly as possible, reaching a conclusion either by settlement or, if necessary, through legal proceedings.


As a director we know that your role is becoming increasingly regulated.

Directors in distressed companies can encounter a number of issues. We can provide straight forward advice to avoid problems before they arise.

If matters have already gone too far we can provide comprehensive advice as to your options and most importantly assist in minimising your personal liability.


We understand the frustration you face when confronted with a business or individual that owes you money that is in financial difficulty.

We will provide you with clear advice with the view of maximising your chances of payment. If you hold security for a debt in the form of a charge or a retention of title claim we will advise you as to how best to utilise this to maximise your return.

If things are too late and the business or individual who owes you money has already entered into an insolvency procedure we will advise you as to the best way to maximise your recovery and where possible recover assets you have supplied.


We understand the difficulties landlords experience when faced with a tenant that stops paying. We can advise you as to your option to protect your position.

If you believe your tenant has entered or is about to enter into an insolvency procedure it is important that you take a proactive and strategic approach. We can advise you as to your position in relation to the various insolvency procedures and your negotiations with office holders.


The insolvency process is a complex one and by contacting Ramsdens' Business Recovery and Insolvency team on 01484 821 500 at the earliest opportunity, means you'll be on the road to recovery for you and your business.