Well done to #teamRamsdens on taking on the Yorkshire 3 Peaks!

Helen Thewlis, Jaynie Broughton, Jane Holroyd, Sarah Ward and Jolene Briggs completed their challenge conquering the Yorkshire 3 Peaks and managed to raise £428 for the Forget Me Not Children's Hospice.

Helen said: "I've had very tired legs for three days!!! It was bloody hard but we all got through it as a team and stuck together to the end! And at times laughed and sang Take That!!! We had to get on hands and knees and scramble up a very Steep incline and at times needed Rock climbing skills!!

Going down was as hard as going up!

We got through it by thinking of the families who we were helping at forget me not as they go through mental pain every day with their families so 12 hours of physical pain for us was nothing compared to what families go through.

We ended up walking 29 tough miles!!! Great team work."

Jane said: "It was hard work, but thanks to a brilliant team it was also enjoyable. We all helped each other through low points and kept each other going. I enjoyed getting to know my colleagues better and feel like we created a bond by getting through the challenge together.

Despite the tiredness and aching we were all still smiling when we reached the finish line. Knowing that we were contributing to such an amazing charity that helps families through unthinkable suffering every day is what kept us pushing on."

Jaynie said: "I really wanted a challenge after the Skydive I did for Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice last year, I am not a runner so I thought this would be perfect. It was really tough and the whole team went through different emotions at different times so we pulled together and got each other through it. The last 4 miles were the hardest and there was no greater relief than seeing the village and civilisation again once we had finished! We were practically rock climbing up Ingleborough on all fours, the worrying thing was that I was leading the team to the top!

Whenever it got tough we all thought of the children and families that we were raising money for and we kept pushing on!"

Huge well done to the ladies on and the total amount raised from all the climbers was in excess of £15,000.