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When schools break up for the holidays, it can be a difficult time for parents - particularly those who are bringing up children alone. Complicated childcare arrangements, financial pressures and trying to keep bored children occupied are issues faced by all parents, but these problems can be even greater for separated parents. Disagreements about where the children will spend time can occur, causing upset for both parents and the children.

Negotiating the summer holidays:

Be Organised: Make a list of the holiday dates and how much childcare is needed.

This will allow yourself, your ex and your respective extended families to understand the situation and plan fully for the holidays.

Share Care:

This will allow both parents to have time to spend quality time with the children.

Plan ahead!

Be open, organised and honest! This will avoid any misunderstandings later down the line.

Speak to your children – what are their wishes?

This will allow them a sense of involvement so they know where they will be going to be. It is important to not use contact as a bargaining ploy!

If you are going abroad… communicate!

This may make you feel anxious however clear communication can alleviate this stress. Provide the other parent with full information such as plans for the holiday, contact details and allow contact to occur whilst abroad, even just a phone call.

Are you being refused contact with your children?

Are you and your ex simply unable to reach agreements over who your children should spend with and when?

There are many options available to you to resolve these differences including out of court options, such as mediation. Contact our expert family team to arrange a free thirty minute appointment in one of our offices across West Yorkshire.