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Whether you have a property portfolio or just a single residential property signing up to the Land Registry Property Alert service is something you should strongly consider. Property Alert is a free property monitoring service which helps to reduce the risk of property fraud. Once signed up the service will send you email alerts when certain activity occurs on your monitored properties allowing you take action if necessary.

A recent unfortunate case has seen an innocent home owner become the victim of identity fraud which has resulted in his property being sold without his knowledge! A perpetrator managed to fake ID documents and open a bank account in the name of the home owner and proceeded to sell the property.

Had the homeowner been registered to the Property Alert service he would have received an email alert when an official search or application was submitted against the property. This would have allowed the homeowner the opportunity to take action which could have prevented his property from being sold!

To prevent yourself from becoming the victim of such fraud you should certainly consider signing up to the Property Alert service particularly if you do have a large property portfolio. Additionally, if you do have any other queries or concerns you would like to discuss further then please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated Commercial Property team on 01484 821 500 or by email at