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The County Court Money Claims Centre (“CCMCC”) has just had its first anniversary and has been part of the Administration of Civil Business’ improvements to the Court system.

The CCMCC service was designed to ensure the most effective use of administrative resource whilst providing an effective, efficient and consistent service to court users across England and Wales.

The CCMCC have released a 10-point plan ‘Help the County Court Money Claims Centre Help You’. These 10 points have been identified by the CCMCC to assist their staff and allow them to concentrate on delivering the best possible service. The ten point plan includes:

1. Filing documents by email – correctly label emails to be dealt with quickly.

2. Duplicate documents – Send documents by either; fax, email, post or DX.

The CCMCC have reported that they receive 1,000 duplicate documents each week, as parties send documents two or three times.

3. Solicitor Service – Claim Form to be clearly marked for solicitors service.

4. Stopped Cheques – A request in writing is preferred for a refund.

5. Solicitors details – Ensure they are correct on both Claim Form and covering letter.

6. Preferred Court – Ensure this is selected from the Court’s available.

7. Party details – Ensure all parties names and address are completed.

8. Defences - Clearly state whether defence has been served on Claimants.

9. Enforcement – The CCMCC do not deal with attachment of earnings, charging order, third party debt or order to obtain information applications.

10. No staples – The CCMCC have pointed out that it would be helpful for parties not to use staples in Claim Forms and other enclosures.

To see the full detailed list visit:

Mr Keith Etherington, who is a Law Society council member for civil litigation has said: “It’s in everyone’s interests to help things improve. No matter how much we hate the centre and its processes, they are here to stay.”

Michael Robinson, Paralegal in the Litigation Department comments: “There is more than likely teething issues when a large process is centralised and a new system is put in place and some firms have been slow to adapt to these changes and may in-turn have slowed down the functionality of the CCMCC. From the outset, at Ramsdens we have adapted to the centralisation to the CCMCC very quickly to ensure that claims are dealt with efficiently and no unnecessary delays have occurred to our clients’ claims. The ten point plan will hopefully help firms to understand the difficulties the CCMCC have been experiencing. ”