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As of Monday 23 March, CAFCASS closed down all their offices to the public and the majority of staff are now working remotely. Due to the increasing concerns about the spread of COVID-19, Cafcass is promoting the use of Skype and looking into other forms of video conferencing, such as WhatsApp and FaceTime, as a way of completing interviews with parents and direct work sessions with children and young people. The aim is to minimise any delays arising from remote working

Guidance has been issued to the Family Court Advisers to make sure that video conferencing will be used effectively during assessments, safely, and in the most cost-effective way for families. Although encouraging the use of video conferencing, if the child or parent raises concerns about this then an alternative arrangement will be considered. The Family Court Adviser working with you in your case will be in touch with you to discuss video conferencing if it is required.

***If you have a Court hearing***

The President of the Family Court has stated the Courts will be moving to remote hearings with immediate effect. You or your solicitor will receive information on what this means for any upcoming hearing you have. If you have a case with Cafcass, your Family Court Adviser will also explain to you what is going to happen when they know.

Please feel free to contact whoever is dealing with your case either by telephone or email, who continue to work remotely.


These are very difficult times for everybody and our Family team of Solicitors are here to provide you with help and advice. We can still offer our 30 minute free consultation, which can take place via telephone or video link, to ensure that government advice regarding social distancing and staying at home is still adhered to. If you wish to speak to one of our Solicitors please call on 08000 147720 or send us an email.