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This week is Child Safety Week run by the Child Action Prevention Trust.

Unfortunately children can be injured in many different ways be this by accidental or intentional injury, causing both physical and mental trauma to children.

Child Action Prevention Trust are raising awareness of injuries being suffered by children and offer guidance on working together as a community to prevent injury to children, who are of course very vulnerable in society. Children are often unable to recognise dangerous situations in the same way adults are. For example, whilst children are playing it is often the case unfortunately that they step into the road in front of a passing vehicle, or can suffer injuries whilst playing on various apparatus within a play area. In addition, it is becoming easier for children to be targeted by potential abusers. The normality of social media means that children are interacting with strangers on a daily basis who could be posing as children to gain their trust with the intention of abusing the child.

Throughout the week Ramsdens will be publishing a series of blogs focusing on potential injury that may be caused to a child in order to raise awareness in all aspects of Child Safety. Child protection being of paramount importance.

Ramsdens offer an all round service ranging from our Child Care team through to our Personal Injury and Abuse team and finally our Court of Protection team who are able to support children and their families when significant injury has been suffered meaning the Child has significant support throughout their life. For a confidential discussion on any issue raised within our blogs please contact us on 01484 821 500, text LAW to 67777 or email