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Hearing Loss CLAIMS

It’s difficult to imagine the impact of losing your hearing but it happens to thousands of people every year due to the conditions they work in.

Ramsdens Solicitors have claimed compensation for many people who have suffered noise-induced hearing loss due to their working conditions. We have claimed for those who have suffered minor hearing damage that improves over time, as well as for victims who have been left with deafness in one or both ears.


Most workplaces are noisy to a point, but settings including factories, construction sites and industrial plants can expose employees to dangerously loud noises, leaving them with life-changing damage to their hearing.

We have claimed for those who work in:

  • Factories
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • The chemical sector
  • Engineering
  • Road maintenance
  • Mining
  • Carpentry
  • Motorcycle couriers
  • The music industry
  • Airports

There are many different risks to hearing for those who work in noisy environments. Hearing loss can occur following continuous exposure to loud noise by using machinery such as a pneumatic drill or compressed-air hammer, or one incident of exposure to very high pitched noise - perhaps in an explosion.


With years of experience in claiming compensation, we are best placed to help you. The compensation we aim to secure can be used for a range of things, from paying household bills and mortgages to covering medical costs.

To find out more about making an industrial deafness claim with Ramsdens Solicitors, call us now on 0800 804 7450 or submit your claim online and our team will be able to offer expert advice and practical support. – it’s free and you’ll be able to discuss your situation with a specialist claims solicitor.