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Under the Consumer Protection Act 1987, if a product causes personal injury the manufacturer is usually responsible, which means you can make a claim for faulty product injury compensation if you sustain physical injuries as a result of using something that is found to be defective or dangerous.

If you sustain an injury as a result of using a product, the manufacturer is usually responsible, according to product liability law, especially if it is found to be defective or dangerous.


In dangerous product claims, the manufacturer is liable not only if it supplies a product that is faulty but if an article carries insufficient warning labels therefore potentially posing a danger to the user. Consumer law states that you may have a dangerous product compensation claim even if the product in question was not sold directly to you.

We have dealt with claims involving:

  • Appliances
  • Toys
  • Bottles and cylinders
  • Medicinal products
  • Beauty and hair care products


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We will be happy to discuss any potential claim you may have and we will advise whether you have a valid faulty product injury claim. if we believe that we can assist you further, we will be able to discuss funding options and can offer a conditional fee (similar to a ‘no win, no fee’) agreement where appropriate.