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Online Grooming

If you or a loved one have been affected by online grooming, the solicitors at Ramsdens can help you. No matter what type of abuse you have suffered, we can assist in bringing the justice that you deserve.

Our team of specialist abuse lawyers strive to achieve the best results possible for each and every client. We are proud of our client-focused approach, and we understand how difficult recounting instances of abuse can be, so will always handle your case with the utmost care and sensitivity.

Our Abuse Law team is headed by Natalie Marrison, who is a member of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers. She was also recommended in the Legal 500. We are focused on delivering this service for child and adult survivors of abuse.

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What is child grooming?

Child grooming occurs when an adult communicates with a child who is under the age of 16, building an emotional connection with the aim of gaining their trust for the purposes of sexual abuse, exploitation or trafficking.

Children can be groomed online or face to face, by a stranger or someone they know, such as a family member, friend or professional. They can be male or female and be any age.

Many children and young people do not understand that they are being groomed.

How does online grooming occur?

Groomers will hide their true intentions, and, in many cases, their identify, to spend a prolonged period of time gaining the trust of a child. Often, groomers can make attempts to gain the trust of a whole family to allow them to be left alone with a child. If a groomer works with children, they can often use similar tactics with their colleagues.

In many cases, groomers will:

  • Use intimidating tactics to control children
  • Use social media websites to form relationships with children

Whatever method they use, online grooming is illegal and is classed as a form of abuse. Ramsdens Solicitors can provide legal advice and representation to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Protecting your child against online grooming

The widespread use of technology means children are increasingly accustomed to using gadgets in their everyday lives. Unfortunately, this comes with its own set of risks, and parents very often feel ill-equipped to protect their children while they surf the web.

In our ebook, we examine the ways in which parents can protect their children from online grooming. You can view our ebook here:

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