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The Church and other religious organisations are places where you would expect children to be their most safe, unfortunately however this is not necessarily the case, children have been and are abused by the people that mentor them and who they look up to and trust.

Coming forward as a survivor of abuse at the hands of a religious organisation can be extremely difficult but can bring the establishment to account enabling justice. At Ramsdens the Child Abuse Team led by Natalie Marrison are able to advise on all aspects of your claim and will relentlessly peruse the organisation to ensure compensation settlement is achieved and justice sought.


The first issue to address is a report to the Police who have specially trained officers in child protection and will be able to obtain details of the abuse to investigate in confidence. Here at Ramsdens we are able to provide advice and full support through this process.


A claim can be brought against the religious organisation due to abuse suffered at the hands of one of its members in a position of care and authority on the basis that it was responsible for their acts. In addition, the organisation may have been aware of the abuse but failed to act on information or complaints made to them. Examples of organisations that can be perused are the Catholic Church, Church of England, Protestant Churches, Evangelist Churches and Jewish organisations.

A claim can also be brought against the individual abuser, for example a priest or vicar. At Ramsdens the team will be able to advise you on the best course of action having regard to the exact case circumstances ensuring all avenues are investigated in order to maximise success.


A case is within time if it is brought before the child’s 21st birthday. This does not mean that a claim cannot succeed if it is brought out of time as the Courts recognise that often it is very difficult for a survivor to come forward.

The Child Abuse team at Ramsdens have and continue to successfully argue this in order to pursue claims outside the time limit by decades.


We are able to provide clear advice regarding any claim against the Church or other religious organisation. The abusers must be brought to justice for the abuse suffered at their hands and with that the Child Abuse team here at Ramsdens will fight for an acknowledgment and admission from the organisation as to the events that have occurred. Financial compensation will never undo what has been done but will help a survivor to rebuild their lives in the best way possible.


Our team are dedicated to helping survivors of abuse seeking compensation. If you think you may have a claim and wish to speak in confidence please contact our team of experienced solicitors today on 0113 887 1834 or complete the contact form to book a free information session at any of our offices.