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The Cadets is one of the largest clubs and is made up of the Army Cadets, the Air Cadets and the Sea Cadets. Children can join from around aged 12 being placed with mentors, individuals in authority responsible for training and development.

A child should always be protected during what should be a learning journey, however it may be that they are exposed instead to abuse.

Starting to discuss the abuse that you or your child has been exposed to can be extremely difficult. At Ramsdens the team, led by Natalie Marrison, have a wealth of experience, initial conversations are led by the Survivor at their own pace with an understanding of the need to ascertain individual requirements so as to build a strong working relationship.


A report of abuse to the police should be made as soon as practicable and can be made where the abuse has occurred to you, your child or anyone else. If you have information, you should pass this on for further investigation. The police have officers trained in child protection who will speak to you in confidence. At Ramsdens we are here to help support you through this process.


A claim can be made against the Ministry of Defence, the body who employ the abuser, on the basis that it is responsible for the actions of its employees whilst carrying out their role within the Cadets. In addition, concerns may also have been raised with regard to the particular member of staff and failings therefore may have occurred in not removing or acting on such reports.

At Ramsdens we will take clear instructions as to exactly what complaints have been made and be in a position to advise how appropriately they were acted upon.

In addition, a claim can also be made against the individual abuser, and in this respect we will be able to advise you on the prospects of pursuing such a claim dependent on any assets or insurance that that individual may hold.


The law surrounding these claims states that a claim must be made within 3 years from the abuse or prior to the anniversary of the survivors 21st Birthday. The Courts however recognise that this is not always possible due to survivors finding it extremely difficult to come forward and report what has occurred. At Ramsdens we have specialist knowledge in dealing with applications to set aside such time limits so that a case can proceed after they have passed.


The team at Ramsdens can advise you on all aspects of your claim from any concerns with the police or criminal investigations to a claim via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and in addition a compensation claim against the Abuser direct or via the Ministry of Defence. We will support you through all aspects and ensure that your case is dealt with in the upmost confidence and with skill care and expertise.


Our team are dedicated to helping survivors of abuse seeking compensation. If you think you may have a claim and wish to speak in confidence please contact our team of experienced solicitors today on 0113 887 1834, to book a free information session at any of our offices.