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  July 20, 2021
On Thursday 8 July our team of cyclists took on the 100 mile route across our 14 offices, starting at York at 6 am and finishing at the Ramsden Street office in Huddersfield at 7:30 pm, in aid of the Yorkshire Children’s Centre.
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 Nicole Natur
  July 15, 2021
As the furlough scheme begins to wind up we are likely to see an increase in the number of employees leaving their roles via settlement agreement. These are commonly used agreements designed to provide for a “clean break”.
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 Gareth Dando
  July 14, 2021
Employers who plan to continue to allow home working on a significant scale, even when no longer required to do so under COVID-related restrictions, should ensure they formalise matters rather than continue to rely on any temporary, informal arrangements that applied during the restrictions.
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 Nazia Nawaz
  July 12, 2021
The loss of a loved one is a difficult time and having doubt whether their Will truly reflects their wishes can make an emotional time even more difficult.
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 Helen Thewlis
  July 9, 2021
When going through a divorce it is easy for animosity between parents to develop exponentially, often to the detriment of the entire family, including the children. This can lead to the children’s needs being forgotten when in fact it should be one of, if not the most important consideration during the divorce proceedings.
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  July 7, 2021
Ramsdens has promoted nine team members across a range of legal services.
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 Hilary Garnett
  July 5, 2021
At the moment, the Insolvency Service has the power to investigate directors of live companies and those entering into a form of insolvency.
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 Natalie Marrison
  July 2, 2021
Due to an investigation by The Independent and Channel 4 News, it has recently been uncovered that dozens of babies have died or been left with brain damage after errors made during childbirth at Nottingham University Hospital.
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