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This week Ramsdens are supporting Headways Action for Brain Injury week 2018.

With almost 350,000 admissions to hospitals per year in the U.K. as a result of brain injury, it really could happen to any one of us.

Research into brain injury is ever evolving with advanced technology, testing and investigation.

You will have, no doubt, heard off the acronym ‘GCS’ uttered on TV programmes by actors portraying medical professions. GCS stands for Glasgow Coma Scale and is a 13 point scale used to guide treatment decisions and monitor trends of responsiveness, taking eyes, speech and movement into account to assist medics to assess those who have suffered a suspected head injury.

A positive addition to the test has been established by researchers at the University of Glasgow and the University of Edinburgh, called the GCS-P.This test is said to be able to provide more information into the severity of any injury and a prognosis for those with traumatic brain injuries. This test measures the pupil reaction and is said to be able to improve a consultants’ ability to predict the condition of a given patient six months after a brain injury. They say this new test is in addition to the already successful GCS which was developed in 1974 and is used in over 80 countries.

The personal injury and clinical negligence team here at Ramsdens has a wealth of experience in dealing with clients who have suffered from brain injuries as a result of accidents at work, road traffic accidents and medical negligence. We are committed to helping improve life after brain injury and any additional testing to assist medics to understand the severity of an injury is a fantastic and welcomed development.

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