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The World Federation for Mental Health established World Mental Health Day on 10 October 1992 and this years campaign is centered around ‘young people and mental health in a changing world.’

Cyber Bullying

With advances in technology and the growing desire of young people to be ‘online’ comes the increased risk of cyber bullying. Most teens and young people are tech savvy and love nothing more than to have the latest gadget to keep in touch with friends online but when hormones flare and arguments erupt trolling an become an issue leading to low mood and depression which can trigger self-harm and potentially suicide. The WFMH want to raise awareness and #EndCyberBullying by raising aware of the effects that it can have and including it when mental health is being discussed.

Mental Illness and Young People

Being a teenager or young person can often be overwhelming. Having to cope with exam stress and relationship problems can make life difficult enough but for a young person with a mental disorder everyday can be a struggle. As assessments of young people take several years due to a change in hormone levels it is often difficult for mental Illness to be diagnosed until adulthood but treatment is available for those suffering from Child and Adolescence Mental Health Services which is known as CAMHS. Sometimes referrals to CAMHS for community based treatments such as counselling take several months. These delays can lead to a decline in a young person’s mental health which results in them requiring treatment in an in-patient unit. Due to a shortage in inpatient beds for young people, sufferers are often removed from their family home and placed in hospital hundreds of miles from where they live. This can be a really frightening experience and leave them feeling alone and vulnerable. If they are sectioned under the Mental Health Act 1983 they have the right to appeal against their section or request a transfer to a hospital closer to their family home. Robyn Mayoh, our mental health solicitor is on hand to offer advice and support to those who are detained. For more information she can be contacted on 01422 254629.

The effects of Trauma on Young People

A traumatic event such as violence, physical or sexual abuse or neglect will undoubtedly have impact upon a child’s mental or emotional wellbeing. Although more survivors are coming forward to obtain support from mental health services it can take time for them to disclose the abuse they have been exposed to. They will require support in making that first report to family members, the Police or other Authorities as appropriate. The whole process is extremely daunting and it is therefore crucial that they have support from Mental Health Services. Natalie Marrison, Head of Abuse is on hand at Ramsdens provide more information to survivors with regard to reporting on Mental Health support services. For a confidential discussion she can be contacted on 0113 887 1834.