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World Elder Abuse Awareness day on 15th June 2018 aims to raise awareness and prevent elder abuse.

There is a growing population of elderly people especially as life expectancy increases. However elderly people can be vulnerable to abuse as they may be unable to defend themselves, have outlived other family members and are unable to speak out and seek help. Some may be suffering with Alzheimer’s or dementia and therefore may not be able to fully explain what is happening or may not be believed by others due to their condition.

Abuse of the elderly can take many different forms, from physical and sexual abuse to emotional and mental abuse.Abuse may also be in the form of neglect which results in the elderly person suffering a fall or other accident. The abuse may take place in care homes and is not always easily identifiable by family members or other outside organisations which can therefore lead to years of abuse and may even result in death.

It is important to raise awareness, the elderly population must be treated with the same care as any of us would expect and deserve, abuse is simply not acceptable and must be tackled.

At Ramsdens as have a specialised team who deal with elder abuse. We have successfully obtained compensation for those injured, in particular due to abuse and neglect in care homes.We can provide support to the family and ensure compensation is awarded to reflect the injuries and suffering specific to that individual so that they are their family can begin to rebuild their life. If elder abuse has affected you or your loved ones please contact the Ramsdens Abuse Team for a confidential discussion on 0113 887 1834 or text LAW to 67777 to book a free information session at any of our offices.