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Collaborative Family Law Week (#CFLW) takes place from the 3rd to the 7th of October to raise awareness of the benefits of Collaborative Law for couples that are separating.

Collaborative Law is similar to Mediation as it is a non-confrontational way of solving disputes however, it is different in that you have your Solicitor by your side throughout the process to support and guide you.

Collaborative Law encourages separated couples to work together.

There are many benefits of working together for separating couples, particularly when they have children together:-

- Maintain a amicable relationship following separation

- Resolve issues following separation in a non-confrontational and civil way

At Ramsdens we have a collaborative trained Lawyer, Helen Thewlis. If you would like further advice or if you are considering engaging in the Collaborative Law process, call our Family Law Helpline on 08000 147720, email or text LAW to 67777.

We offer free 30 minute initial advice appointments from 7:45am to 7:00pm from Monday to Friday at any of our 12 offices across West Yorkshire.

We will be posting another blog tomorrow regarding the benefits of staying out of Court....#CFLW.