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A Deputy, appointed to manage P’s property and finances where they lack capacity to do so themselves, must submit a report to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) on an annual basis. The report allows the Deputy to account for their actions/any decisions made on P’s behalf during that reporting period. It also allows the OPG to assess P’s financial accounts and liaise with the Deputy to help make decisions in P’s best interest.

This duty applies, not only to a Deputy appointed in a professional capacity, but also to a lay Deputy such as a family member who is appointed in a non-professional capacity.

It is imperative for the Deputy to complete an annual report. If a Deputy neglects to carry out this duty, the OPG can review the deputyship and may even decide to remove the deputyship.

You may now complete the report online using your login details.

Hints and tips

  • Make a note of any significant decisions made during the year. This can include buying, selling or renting property, buying or selling investments or shares, holidays or moving care homes.
  • Record any gifts made.
  • Make a note of who has helped you make any significant decisions throughout the year.
  • Keep up to date with P’s financial accounts e.g. money coming in and money going out, particularly large amounts.
  • A lay Deputy may find it useful to keep note of expenses for renumeration but please note that expenses have to be reasonable and if over £500 per year, justification for the amount will be required.

The above tips will make completing the annual report easier when it is due to be submitted. If you require advise when completing the annual report, please read the guidance provided by the OPG (OPG103A).

For further information about deputyships, please contact our Court of Protection team on Freephone 03443260049.