At Ramsdens we support staff that hold trustee positions and this week we’re featuring some of our team members as part of Trustee Week (4 -8 November 2019), who hold positions at local charities.

Our very own Natalie Marrison is a Trustee of the project and we spoke to her about why she got involved in the first place and why she believes that volunteering is so important...

The Panacea Project is a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to the vision of a world where we all regain our ‘humanness’ to care for others regardless of their background, income, race, age, gender or circumstance. The organisation strive to provide a service where everyone has equal access to their healing modalities; namely meditation, mindfulness and yoga therapies for trauma-survivors in need.

Why did you choose to get involved with the Panacea Project?

"The project provides therapy to women who have sustained trauma, often in the prison environment and often due to violence that has been committed against them which has caused them to commit themselves. I chose to get involved due to the close links with the work I do, which involves trauma therapy and the lack of non-funded support that survivors have."

What is your main role within the project?

"I provide business support in the running of their non-profit organisation, assist at Trustee meetings and help with general funding and planning for their work. I was also a Trustee at PACE which ended a couple of months back – this also related to CSE prevention supporting parents. The role was similar but more linked to children, whereas the Panacea Project focuses only on adults."