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For some, Christmas is the time for love and understanding. For others, it is the time that they realise that their relationship is lacking love and understanding, possibly coming to an end. This week, we have released a series of blogs focusing on how Christmas may not be the most wonderful time of the year for some families. At Ramsdens, we feel that it is important to remember these families and ensure that they know their legal options should their relationship be in difficulty. There are many key ingredients to a successful marriage and relationship. These will differ from one couple to another however, love, understanding and communication is said to be amongst many of them. Some couples may make the decision that this Christmas will be their last Christmas as husband and wife. This is a very hard decision to make for any couple particularly, if there are children involved. The divorce process is of course a difficult one however, there are many ways in which it can be as stress free as possible. At Ramsdens, our Family Lawyers are Resolution Trained meaning that they act in a non-confrontational manner when resolving disputes between couples going through divorce and separation. The focus is that matters are resolved in an amicable and efficient way so that a civil relationship can be maintained in the future particularly, for the sake of children. Taking this approach can also avoid timely and costly Court proceedings which are often emotionally draining and stressful. At Ramsdens we fully advise our clients of all alternatives to Court proceedings such as; Mediation, Collaborative Law and Round Table Meetings. Contact us We can offer help and advice if you are considering a Divorce or Separation. We offer free 30 minute appointments from 7:30am until 7:00pm at any of our 12 offices across West Yorkshire. Call our Family Helpline free today on 08000 147720 to book an appointment.