Following the latest announcement from the Government to say at home (except in exceptional circumstances), many people are facing difficulty, especially where there is conflict with household members.

Here are some top tips for dealing with conflict at home:-

Use your mobile phone

Ask a friend or family member to call you at certain times of the day which you expect could be problematic. This will give you a natural excuse to leave the room and take a break from any difficult situation you may be experiencing.

Set your alarm on your mobile to the same tone as your ring tone. You can then set your alarm for a certain time of day which will give you a legitimate reason to leave the room and take a break.

If you are facing isolation with a person who is abusive use safe words with friends/family members on the telephone so they know when things are getting difficult and to call help in an emergency. Check in with friends/family regularly. If they do not hear from you they can raise an alarm.

Buy a spare phone and store emergency contact details in it. Hide the spare phone in a safe place or with a trusted person to use in the case of an emergency.

Plan breaks

Ensure you have a break by socialising with friends via facetime/skype, exercise in the home or garden, and find a hobby/activity you enjoy. Set a routine to ensure you have breaks from any potential conflict each day.

Do a chore

Plan chores around the home or garden that give you a reason to be in separate places and avoid conflict.

Be reasonable

If you are in a problematic situation, reason with yourself about why you want to stay calm and consider the consequences of any action that you might take. Take a step away from the conflict to avoid the issues escalating further.

Reach out

Share your worries with a trusted friend or family member - they may be able to give you advice or relieve stress.

Contact your local domestic abuse charity for further support and assistance.

Seek professional advice. The Family team at Ramsdens are here to help and are committed to keeping their services for emergency protection orders available to all in need. If you, or someone you know, are experiencing abuse, please contact Ramsdens Solicitors. We work closely with various domestic abuse services that can provide further help and assistance for matters such as security at home and safety.

Anybody suffering domestic abuse should contact the Police in the first instance. The Police are able to provide assistance and support. In an emergency, please do call 999.

If you would like to speak with a member of our Family team then please call on 08000 147720 or send us an email to book a free information session. We can still offer our 30 minute free consultation, which can take place via telephone or video link, to ensure that government advice regarding social distancing and staying at home is still adhered to.