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With the clocks going forward last weekend, British Summer Time is now upon us! Blossom on the trees, spring lambs soon to be born, annual spring cleaning - spring symbolises, for many, new beginnings and a fresh start. If you are embarking on the annual spring clean or are just simply making plans for the (hopefully) beautiful spring and summer weather - have you thought about reviewing your old Will?

We recommend that you dust of your old Will for a review around every five years. It may be that nothing has changed and that you can simply allow your Will to continue to gather dust at the back of your cupboard for another five years! Alternatively, however, things may have changed considerably and it may be time to make an appointment to make a Will which reflects your current circumstances.

Why is it important to make a Will?

• Your "Will" is just that - it allows you to decide to whom you would wish your sole assets to go to after you have died.

• If you don't have a Will then you will pass away “Intestate.” This means that your Estate will be administered according to the intestacy laws at the time of your death. Ultimately, this could mean that your Estate passes to someone who you would not wish for it to pass to.

At Ramsdens, we offer a specialist and affordable will writing service. To speak to someone about updating your Will or making a Will for the first time call us on 01484 821 500, text LAW to 67777 or email