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It might be cold outside, but spring is on its way – good news for people trying to sell their homes.

Spring officially starts this year on 20th March 2017, when after a long, dark winter, the days become longer than nights. That’s just one of the reasons why spring comes top in studies of the best time to sell your house – on a practical level, there are more daylight hours in which potential buyers can view it.

There are other practical reasons why spring is a good time to sell. For families who are planning a move, buying a property in April or May means they can take advantage of the summer holidays to relocate and be settled in their new homes for the start of the next school year.

As well as spring’s practical advantages, there are emotional ones. It’s a time of re-birth and, with more hours of sunlight and all that Vitamin D streaming into our bodies, we all feel more energised. Often home buyers have made the decision to move in January – as a New Year’s resolution, perhaps – but will wait until spring to emerge from hibernation and start their search.

So, if you’ve been waiting for March to arrive to sell, get on your marks now with a spring clean. Wash your windows and let the light stream in. Prepare your garden to make a blooming great impact, pulling up weeds and germinating seeds on window sills ready to plant.

If your place has been on the market for a while, the same rules apply – and, if your estate agent photographs were taken in the bleak midwinter, update them. Buy some early daffodils and use them to dress your home, bringing colour into rooms to attract potential buyers.

Likewise, look at the For Sale sign in your front garden – if it’s bedraggled after a winter of being battered by rain and snow, visitors will instantly know your house has been on the market for a while. Swap it for a fresh one.

There is one caveat, though – as spring is such a good time to sell, lots of people will be listing their homes in March. Therefore yours has to stand out from the crowd. A lick of paint is always a good idea – perhaps even on the front door, to increase your home’s kerb appeal. Selling up is the perfect excuse to splash out on an expensive coffee machine – apparently the aroma of fresh coffee is in the nation’s top five favourite smells.

Now’s the time to spring into action and, when you have an offer on your home, let our conveyancing team take care of the legal side of your move so you can #getmoving.