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Ramsdens are very proud to have won the Adrian Sudbury Award from the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust in recognition of its long-standing support of the charity.

The prestigious award is given in memory of the Examiner journalist who lost his life to cancer in 2008 and in his final months he lead the “Sign Up For Sudders” campaign to raise awareness of bone marrow donation and fight to have young people educated on the issue in schools and colleges.

The award was presented by the trust’s Pam Thornes and Helen Mervill to Sinead Sopala, Director of Marketing at Ramsdens, who has donated hours of her time to helping the trust as a mentor and advisor.

Ramsdens has raised many thousands of pounds for the trust and Pam said: “We are delighted to give this award to a very special lady and the company she represents. They are always at the forefront of fundraising for lots of charities. It doesn’t matter how difficult the task, Sinead ensures her team are committed and embrace every challenge – and she is always in the thick of it!

“We are very privileged that over many years this lady and her colleagues have massively supported the work of the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust.”

Sinead said: “This award means an awful lot. The trust is a very easy charity to support because they do fantastic work helping so many kids nationally and in our own region.”