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Whether you are caring for someone with a brain injury or providing occasional support for a family member there are some small things we can all learn which will make us better equipped to do so.

If you are speaking with someone who has suffered from a brain injury you should try avoid distractions and stay focused on the person, as they may be communicating in other non-verbal ways. If they are saying something that is incorrect, it isn’t always necessary to correct them and remember, they may be trying to communicate an emotion which will be real, even if what they are saying isn’t.

Bear in mind that people who have suffered a brain injury suffer in different ways, memory loss can be a big issue and for some long term memories are often much better preserved and it may be a more pleasant experience for the person to talk about something from their past as they may not be as confused about this.

Another thing that can make a big difference is keeping the environment simple and organized. Completing tasks will be much more straightforward if there are fewer distractions and it is easier to focus on what they need to do.

In a cluttered disorganized environment something like making a cup of tea may seem like a challenge, however, by simplifying this, removing the clutter and taking steps, such as labelling items clearly, can help someone complete such tasks.

The same can go for most day to day tasks such as personal hygiene and getting dressed. Reducing options, having things clearly marked and ensuring the person is familiar with their surroundings can make a significant difference.

It might not always be necessary to do things for people who have suffered from a brain injury, but rather help them do things, this might mean prompting them or simply pointing something out.

These are small steps we can all take which can help maintain a better quality of life for those who have suffered a brain injury. Mostly the things we can do involve better knowledge and understanding and there are common themes which run throughout; stay calm, be patient and do as much as you can to make the person feel comfortable.

Ramsdens Personal Injury and Court of Protection departments will work together to help survivors and their families, supporting through compensation claims and life decisions that may need to be made.

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