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Our Care and Abuse teams present to head teachers across the region.

Joanne Coen, Natalie Marrison and Vikki Horspool hosted a Safeguarding training event that looked at court procedures for cases of Child Physical Abuse, Child Sexual Abuse, Child Neglect and Child Sexual Exploitation at the Ebor Academy Trust in York.

Tim Moat, Director of Communications and Development at Ebor Academy Trust said: “The event was well attended and well received and has given us some food for thought about the need to have services such as yours on tap. I feel a renewed confidence to keep fighting the good fight with social car.”

Joanne commented: “The event went extremely well and it was clear from the interaction and questions asked that the subject matter was very relevant to head teachers and schools across our region".

The children presented the team with a thank you painting and Joanne commented:

“It will take pride of place in our York office.