There has been significant press coverage regarding Rebecca Minnock running away with her three year old son.

Rebecca Minnock decided to run away with her son after a Judge ruled that he should live with his father under a Child Arrangements Order. Unhappy with the decision, Rebecca took the unwise, rash decision to go into hiding with her son.

The case snowballed before the press, resulting in Ms Minnock’s mother and step-father being imprisoned for contempt of court for lying about her whereabouts.

Addressing Ms Minnock in open court, Judge Stephen Wildblood has labelled her actions as a ‘publicity stunt’ however despite this he would do what he could to ensure that Ethan had ‘an effective relationship with both parents.’ Judge Wildblood, however, described Ms Minnock’s actions as an ‘utterly irresponsible way to behave from the point of view of the welfare of the child.’ Judge Wildblood stated he would take time to consider what should be done about Ms Minnock’s breach of the court order.

Clearly there is a great deal in the press about the case and it is perhaps easy to become embroiled in the gossip surrounding the case. At the centre of this case, however, is a child. Ms Minnock’s actions were hasty and perhaps lead to consequences far beyond those which she originally envisaged. It is important for a child to have a healthy, happy relationship with both parents.

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