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As Road Safety Week draws to a close it is important to raise awareness of the importance of celebrating our Road Safety Hero’s.

The charity BRAKE has campaigned for road safety and victims of Road Traffic Accidents for a number of years and Ramsdens Solicitors are proud to support and raise awareness of the importance of safety on our roads.

Whether we walk, ride or drive we all have a responsibility to use roads safely to protect ourselves and others. This means choosing safe modes of transport and safe vehicles, complying with road rules, travelling at speeds appropriate for the road conditions and educating people about safe road use. Governments can better regulate drivers, with licensing and traffic rules, roads policing and penalties that are robust and fair.

Driving for work is one of the most dangerous activities that employers ask their employees to do. Many road deaths involve a vehicle being driven for work, and work vehicles also cause pollution. If you employ people who drive for work, show that you’re a responsible employer, who puts people first and cares about their safety.

BRAKE have provided the following tips for employers to step up and assist in making our roads safer:

• Buy, hire or lease the safest vehicles you can afford

• Prioritise safety over performance

• Champion safe driver behaviour

• Look after staff wellbeing

• Manage work-related road risk through rigorous policies and procedures to help prevent crashes and reduce pollution.

To show us how you have taken part in Road Safety Week tweet us @RamsdensPI and @brakecharity using #RoadSafetyWeek.

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