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Today marks the first day of Road Safety Week, co-ordinated by Brake, the road safety charity. This year's initiative is to encourage everyone to "Step up for Safe Streets" by learning about and celebrating design-led solutions that will allow us to us roads safely and in a healthy way.

The charity, Brake, provides a number of resources and runs numerous campaigns throughout the year in order to help work toward their vision of a world where everyone moves in a safe and healthy way working to stop road deaths and injuries and support people who have been beavered or seriously injured. This is most definitely a message that we can all get behind.

According to the Department of Transport's road accident and safety statistics, in the UK, there were 25,511 seriously injured casualties in reported road traffic accidents in 2018, with 1,784 people being killed in reported road traffic accidents.

Brake began running the Road Safety Week initiative in 1997 and it is now an annual event which raises awareness around road safety. Individuals, schools and organisations can get involved in this years initiative. Individuals can step up by pledging to use roads safely and minimise vehicle use. Regardless of whether you are a driver, you can consider making the Brake Pledge and do so here.

Here at Ramsdens Solicitors, we encourage all our clients and colleagues to use the roads safely and in a healthy way. With so many avoidable and needless injuries and deaths on the roads, Ramsdens are supportive of the work that Brake do. While positive steps are being taken to improve road safety, unfortunately accidents still do happen and our attentive Personal Injury team does all it can to provide assistance and support to injured people and their families. We assist our clients who have been injured through no fault of their own, by providing them with legal guidance and in obtaining rehabilitation and sums to help them while they adjust and in the long term.

To learn more about Brake and their work, please take a look at their website. Alternatively, if you have any accident related queries, including those that relate to road traffic accidents and would like some guidance, do not hesitate to get in touch with an experienced member of our team on 01484 821 500 or email