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The Right to Buy scheme is not a new concept and has been around from 1980. However, some may still not be aware of what the scheme allows secure tenants of councils to do and the scheme may not last forever. It finished in Scotland in 2016 and has also ended in Wales from January 2019.

What is the ‘Right to Buy’ Scheme?

  • The scheme gives ‘eligible’ Local Authority Tenants the right to purchase the property they live in, whether Leasehold or Freehold.
  • There is a reduction in the price depending on the amount of time that the tenant has lived at the property (see the Right to Buy website)
  • The discount is capped at an impressive £80,900.00 outside London and £108,00.00 within
  • The scheme can give you and your family your own home

Can you benefit?

  • It is your only property
  • You rent the whole of the property
  • You have been an eligible tenant for at least 3 years

Where can I check my ‘eligibility’ ?

See the Right to Buy website.

The Process

  • Check your eligibility
  • Complete the RTB1 claim form
  • Employ a solicitor to help with the legal side of the process who is familiar with matters

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