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Your ability to have a positive impact on someone’s life does not have to be limited to your lifetime. This year we are supporting ‘remember a charity in your Will’ week to help raise awareness and highlight the importance of leaving a gift to charity in your Will.

Charities rely heavily on gifts in Wills in order to carry out their good work and to be able to reach the most vulnerable in our society to provide them with the help and support they need.

A gift of any size, no matter how modest can make all the difference and leaving a gift to charity provides you with the satisfaction that your money is being used to enhance a good cause. Particularly, where you or a loved one has been helped by a charity, a gift in your Will can be a great way of saying thank you!

It is also worth noting that any gift to charity will not incur Inheritance Tax and moreover if your Estate is taxable then leaving at least 10% of your Estate to charity will reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax your Estate has to pay.

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