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Our Trainee Solicitor, Ellie Folger has recently featured over on Simply Law - Career Hub discussing how she secured a training contract, along with sharing her top tips.

In the article, Ellie, a non-law graduate commented: “When my interests started to gravitate towards a career in law, I realised I needed experience in a firm to solidify this decision. I applied for a week of work experience at Ramsdens in 2016 which later progressed to three summer vacation schemes whilst I was studying my undergraduate degree.”

Adding, “Based on my experiences as a legal assistant [at Ramsdens], where I was able to watch my trainee solicitor colleagues develop, I knew that I would receive a high level of training as a trainee at Ramsdens. It was clear that I would be heavily supported but would also be afforded responsibility to fully equip me upon qualification.”

Providing her top tips, for those looking to secure a Training Contract in the coming years, Ellie commented: “I would get involved with a firm at the earliest opportunity and just make it known that you’re open to learning! Try to have a strong understanding of the law firm as a business model and bring your ideas of how you would develop the firm into the future. Think about what makes you unique as an individual and don’t be quiet about your strengths!”

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