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This week is Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week, which is all about raising awareness and promoting support for survivors of sexual abuse #itsnotok.

During childhood unfortunately vulnerable minors can be exposed to various types of abuse by those seemingly in positions of trust. Abuse can occur, for example, within a school, in foster care or other care environments, at extra-curricular activities such as cadets or sports clubs or within a church or other religious community. The organisation for whom the abuser was employed or volunteering can be held liable in law for their actions. Recent case law has considered exactly this point with findings now of fault.

It is, of course, extremely difficult for survivors to come forward and speak out regarding the abuse they have suffered. Starting to talk and have the conversation is the first step in prevention to protect the survivor and others who may be exposed to harm, enabling steps to be taken for them to make a start to rebuild their life. As part of a claim against any establishment rehabilitation is key.

At Ramsdens we represent a number of survivors who have been exposed to sexual abuse during their childhood. We act for survivors who have come forward in both adulthood as well as receiving instructions from those who are aware of ongoing abuse.

Often, such abuse leads to long term psychological damage. We focus heavily on appropriate rehabilitation to enable a survivor to move forward with their life. Each individuals’ case differs and with that their requirements will be assessed and a plan set out for progress so that they are able to take steps to focus on the future.

Our team led by Natalie Marrison have extensive experience in pursuing compensation claims arising on behalf of survivors who have been abused by those in positions of trust. For a completely confidential discussion please contact Ramsdens Child Abuse team on 0113 8871 834.