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Ramsdens are proud to have supported National Road Victim Month this August, considering the impact of serious injuries and death on our roads. We support the charity Brake and the work they carry out to help improve roads, driver awareness and our overall attitudes towards road safety.

All too often we hear of death or serious injury on our roads. The impact of this on the victim, their family, friends and the community around them is huge and can often be life changing one way or another. Attempting to understand the legal process involved when dealing with a death or serious injury can be daunting. At Ramsdens we have a dedicated team that is experienced in dealing with civil claims. No amount of money can compensate the loss of a life or such a significant change in circumstance but can help those involved to rebuild their lives and move forward enabling them to concentrate on grief, support of family members and / or rehabilitation.

Where fatal injuries have been sustained the legalities are all too often overwhelming, a summary of the Inquest process was noted in week one by our team specialising in Inquests who set out the process involved, concerns for family members and how support and guidance can be provided.

Where the accident results in injury, our Personal Injury team have considered rehabilitation and the importance of a victim being engaged as early as possible to ensure an effective impact. Working closely with rehabilitation providers means, here at Ramsdens, we can ensure your needs are considered from the outset with a unique programme set in place to help you move towards a better recovery.

Our Court of Protection team has considered how serious injuries, in particular those involving brain injury, can have a lasting effect with regard to mental capacity to make decisions about life in general including finances, care, contact and residence and how this can be managed.

We have dedicated teams across our offices at Ramsdens who can help you or your family if you find yourselves in a testing and life changing situation. To discuss further please contact us on 01484 821 500 or email Alternatively you can contact either team direct by visiting their service pages.