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August is recognised as being the month in which the most road fatalities occur, coinciding with school holidays and more people being on the roads. This is why charity RoadPeace recognises August as #NationalRoadVictimMonth. We are therefore supporting this campaign throughout this month to remember those killed or seriously injured on our roads, as well as to raise awareness for the injustices faced by crash victims.

Between June 2019 and June 2020, casualties of all severities decreased by 16% and road deaths decreased by 14%. These trends have been drastically impacted by the lockdown restrictions during that period, as travel restrictions were implemented and many workers migrated to homeworking. Despite this decrease, the number of road deaths remained high at 1,580. The reduction in casualties and deaths is a step in the right direction, but it is vital that these numbers continue to fall as we return to normality.

This year, RoadPeace are encouraging social media users to use the hashtag #CrashNotAccident, calling on supporters to challenge the word “accident”. The word accident is said to trivialise the devastation caused by crashes, insult victims and promote inertia. Throughout this month, we will be using this hashtag across social media to raise awareness of this.

At Ramsdens, our Personal Injury team understand the devastating impact a casualty can have on you or your family. We can support you through the immediate aftermath of a crash and help you plan for the future. We are able to assist you with rehabilitation by arranging an Initial Needs Assessment to determine the exact steps required for your recovery.

Where a fatality has sadly occurred, our team can support families at inquest to ensure there is a thorough investigation. At the conclusion we can advise on a negligence claim. Although nothing can compensate for the loss of a loved one, we can help relieve some financial pressure through a claim for damages.


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