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"Over the past few years I have helped at a few local schools for the Huddersfield Town Foundation Breakfast Club however since January my colleague Jaynie Broughton and myself have been attending Hillside Primary School each Tuesday morning to assist with the breakfast club that they hold each school day which is also run through the Town Foundation.

We arrive at around 7-35 in the morning to help set up the breakfast which includes cereal, fruit pots, toast, crumpets, jam sandwiches and on a Tuesday it is baked beans day!

The children arrive from 8am on-wards and start to tuck into their breakfasts and it is a delight to see their faces as they meet their friends and then come and say hello to Jaynie and I and the other members of staff at school who assist and then tuck into their breakfast.

After breakfast we help tidy up ( with the assistance of the children who are always eager to help!) and then the games come out or some of the children go into the library or dance studio whilst others play with lego or do some drawings and today we had the connect four game out which the children really enjoy.

We leave after the children have gone into registration and we wish them all a good day at school and remind them to work hard!

I look forward each week to seeing the children who are now becoming more confident with us as we are now familiar faces to them and between us we are trying really hard to remember over 70 names.

It’s a great way to start off the day!! The children are such fun to be with and I know that the school really appreciate our help and support as it allows more attention to be given to the children by us all and we know that the children have all had a good breakfast to set them up for the day!" - Helen Thewlis, Head of Family Law at Ramsdens.

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