We recently reported that an agreement had been set up to extend limitation dates between Claimant solicitors and insurance companies due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

This agreement was for a four week period and has now been extended for a further four weeks.It is very helpful for both parties representatives to work together at present and this agreement goes a long way to facilitating this.

The Court have also now extended a pilot scheme which was in place for commencement of Court proceedings on line to some personal injury firms who are members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, this scheme means that Court proceedings can be commenced entirely electronically reducing the need for physical paperwork to be sent into the Court.

Outside the law concerns continue to be raised regarding the daily death rates and under-reporting of the same due to the fact that these figures only account for hospital death.

The Independent this week reported that the actual figure could be more than double – in excess of 40,000 – taking into account deaths in care homes and the community.The full article can be accessed here.

We have previously provided blogs in relation to PPE and deaths in care homes and it will be interesting to see how these situations unfold and continue to develop.


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